Laxton Junior aims to develop an interest in languages and a respect for other cultures. All children, from Reception to Year Six, have timetabled language learning. Celebrations and traditions across the globe are reflected on and ideas are shared about cultural and historical differences between our home country and the countries being studied.

From Reception to Year Two our children undertake a carousel of language learning, visiting a variety of different countries, and are exposed to various aspects of each language, developing their understanding of what it is like to be a child in the countries being studied.

In Key Stage Two our children learn Spanish (Years Three and Four) and French (Years Five and Six) and we reinforce the children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in other subjects across the curriculum. Our emphasis throughout the MFL curriculum at Laxton Junior School is very much centred on developing the children’s engagement with, and enthusiasm for, language learning. Our aim is that the children’s desire to learn new languages will stay with them for life.