ICT is very much spread throughout the curriculum. This means we make sure we have technology that can be used throughout the school.  In each classroom there is touch screen technology enabling the pupils to get involved in a very interactive and visual form of learning. In the reception classrooms there are SMART tables which let the children work independently and collaboratively.

We are aware of the need for basic IT skills, even in the youngest of children, so our IT curriculum goes from improving mouse control and keyboard skills to using the internet and Microsoft Office. Lessons also include Lego Education and coding throughout the school. Lego Education allows the children to build models and write code to program them. We also use espresso coding during lessons which allows the children to program their own apps.

iPads are used throughout the school and this has enabled the children to use technology in a portable and creative way. Sometimes we use specific apps that will fit in with a certain topic. For example we might look at a number bonds app in maths. However we can also use other apps in a more creative way so that they can be used throughout the curriculum.

We also understand the importance of e-safety and this is something that both the staff and the children are regularly updated on.