Learning in primary Humanities begins with deepening children’s understanding of themselves, the people around them, their communities and the wider world.

Our children at Laxton Junior are taught to reflect on and understand events that have occurred in the past and how they have shaped our world today. Through a variety of activities the children gather facts and information on historical events and develop the skills to build reason and conclusions for historical decisions. Our children also bring history to life, with a range of trips and activities, whereby they can experience the past through ‘living history’.

At Laxton Junior School our children are taught to understand the natural world around them. They develop their geographical language and recognise physical and human aspects that impact our world. The children build skills to understand their own locality, with investigations, map reading and research. They then begin to build on understanding events and cultures both nationally and globally. We encourage the children to ask questions and propose solutions to environmental problems, as well as foster a sense of responsibility for the earth and its finite resources.

Throughout our Humanities curriculum we work hard to stimulate each child’s interest and curiosity for life that was, is and will be in our changing world.