We believe that literacy and communication are key life skills and that through our English curriculum we should help children to develop the skills, knowledge and understanding that will enable them to communicate effectively and creatively with the world at large, through spoken and written language. 

Through our English curriculum, which is based on the 2014 National Curriculum in England, we want children to learn to enjoy and appreciate literature and its rich variety. We achieve this through a structured, well-planned and differentiated curriculum that enables all children to:

  • read independently
  • speak in front of an audience
  • write in a variety of genre for a variety of purposes
  • spell correctly and use standard English to convey meaning and feeling
  • research using learned information literacy skills
  • develop their understanding and use of electronic communications
  • use online software responsibly
  • love books

We further enhance the children’s learning in English by providing each Year group with an annual visit to the theatre. Alongside our Class Assemblies where the children share their learning with the School community, we also hold a House Speech and Drama competition where all are encouraged to enter to earn points for their House.

During the Oundle Festival of Literature, each Year group attends an author’s talk and in conjunction with the Oundle Festival Literature, we will often host writing and/or illustration workshops for our children and other schools in the locality.

We very much view English as the foundation for all children’s learning at Laxton Junior School and believe that the learning undertaken and achievement gained in this subject area has an enormous impact on a child’s development across the curriculum.