Most communication between parents and the School is sent electronically through our School system.  Parents sign up for an account as soon as they join the Laxton Junior community and then receive either whole School communications or targeted mail such as single Year group or class letters or information regarding individual sports teams as appropriate.

A calendar giving details of all events, trips and matches is produced at the beginning of the Michaelmas, Easter and Trinity Quarters.  A copy is sent home with the oldest child in each family and spare copies of these are always available from the School office.

The Newsletter, written by the Head, is sent home electronically at the beginning of each month.  The LJS News supplements the calendar and informs parents of any date changes, current news, general notices and learning initiatives.

Besides the direct communication that parents receive, each Year group maintains a blog that allows parents to keep abreast of the children’s day to day learning, achievements and of all of the fun that they have at school.