We believe in providing the best possible provision for pupils of all abilities. We plan our teaching and learning so that every child can aspire to the highest level of personal achievement.

We recognise and support the needs of those children who have been identified as 'gifted' and/or 'talented' according to national guidelines and we class these children as ‘Higher Achieving Pupils’.  In the national guidelines the terms for gifted and talented are distinguished as follows:

  • 'gifted' refers to a child who has a broad range of achievement at a level well above average, typically in the more academic subjects;
  • 'talented' refers to a child who excels in one or more specific fields, typically those that call for performance skills, such as sport or music, but who does not necessarily perform at a high level across all areas of learning.

We recognise that sometimes, children who are gifted and talented do not always show their ability. Such pupils are gifted and talented even though their abilities may be hidden or remain as potential.

Provision will be made for gifted and talented children within the normal class teaching, but sometimes we will provide enrichment or extension activities to promote their skills and talents still further. Any child identified as potentially gifted or talented is referred to the Head of Learning Support who will co-ordinate provision for the child. An individual education plan (I.E.P) may be drawn up for these children.

We use a range of strategies to identify Higher Achieving Pupils across all aspects of the curriculum. The identification process is ongoing, and begins when a child joins our School.