The role of the Form Teacher is an integral part of our pastoral structure.  A successful Form Teacher/child relationship not only enhances that child’s experience of School life but the Form Teacher’s relationship with their whole class also leads to the enhanced well-being for all children.

Our Form Teachers know the children in their care very well indeed and children know that they can always turn to their Form Teacher if they have an issue they would like to discuss or if they would like some advice on how to effectively manage a situation. 

Each Form is a cohesive social unit and the Form Teacher maintains Form morale, generating a sense of individual and corporate responsibility. The Form teacher helps the Form to produce a class assembly; in Key Stage Two only, these are performed for the whole School and invited parents - Form Teachers always enjoy celebrating the children’s extra-curricular achievements. Last but very much not least, our Form Teachers are always happy to help with the distribution of birthday cake!