We deliver a flexible Early Years’ curriculum that builds on each child’s experiences and extends their interests and learning. Children come into our Reception classes with a wide variety of pre-school experience.

Some have been in full time nursery, some in play groups and some at home with a parent. A great deal of valuable learning takes place in all of those settings and we consider that to provide the stepping stones on which we build.

We appreciate and encourage individuality and, through a careful balance of independent and adult-led activities in our indoor and outdoor areas, children can use their imagination and curiosity to explore and question new concepts and skills. We provide a stimulating environment where learning is meaningful, challenging and fun. Our high expectations coupled with our learning through play approach enables children to make wonderful progress in all areas of their development.  

Our Early Years curriculum is enhanced by specialist teaching each week in PE, Swimming, Music, French and Chess and visits to the School’s ICT suite and library. Regular first-hand experiences such as visitors from our community, parent workshops or trips out of school enable our children to further develop their understanding and excitement of the world around them.

We are very proud of how our children leave Reception as independent and happy learners ready to face new challenges with enthusiasm and confidence.